Co-creation plan

The co-creation plan is open to all valuable sharing users. Our core philosophy is that only valuable things are worth sharing! Don't share things that are worthless. To this end, the platform is trying to launch a sharing plan. The specific implementation details are as follows.

Share ratio

Pay the fee User pays Share amount Share ratio
10$/1Mo First payment5$50%
20$/3Mo First payment10$50%
30$/6Mo First payment15$50%
40$/12MoFirst payment20$50%
10$/1Mo Renewal payment5$50%
20$/3Mo Renewal payment10$50%
30$/6Mo Renewal payment15$50%
40$/12MoRenewal payment20$50%

Source of user

Between friends: Sharers can send valuable file sharing addresses to friends who need them.

Creator: Upload your work and put the file sharing address in your own communication circle.

Set the region: If you find a work or multiple works that are valuable, but it is difficult to pay, you can share the file with other friends who also need it.

The user registers and logs in to access the sharer's first file, and then starts binding relationships and calculating relays.front.ref.balance=Cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal

Withdrawal time, all withdrawal requests in the previous week are withdrawn every Monday.

Withdrawal amount, each withdrawal should be greater than 100$.

Payment method: Currently, only USDT withdrawal is supported.

How to apply

Register and share, no other operations are required.

Financial work orders are initiated for cash withdrawals and will be processed every Monday.

Spread value, spread value, share your valuable documents, start here!